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"Give the Gift of IV" for Session One is SOLD OUT! Session Two is still available!

Missed your chance for Early Registration? That's OKAY! Regular registration will open February 1, 2015

Summer 2014 Reunion:

Registration for the IV 2014 Reunion is currently open! Now until January 19th. Click HERE to register and read more updated Reunion information! This years's IV Reunion will be February 20-22, 2015 in Washington, DC!

Summer 2015 Staff Applications

Applicants must be Greek Orthodox and at least 21 years old by June 14, 2015. Applications will be available on December 1, 2014.

Ionian Village 2015 Dates: Session One June 22 - July 11

Session Two July 19 - August 7


Have questions about your summer experience? Check out our FAQ Webinar with
Fr. Evagoras HERE!

Still have questions? Check out our online FAQ HERE


All campers love to receive mail from family and friends, so feel free to write your camper a letter or two! Campers are also encouraged to write postcards home and stamps are available in the Periptero (Camp Store).

Email Policy

Our email policy is an extension of our effort to slow our campers down. While emails are convenient for parents, too many emails lead to homesickness, so please use snail mail. Please note that unless there is an emergency, emails will not be delivered to your camper.

Phone calls

When a camper leaves home for Ionian Village, he or she needs space to develop their personality and find his or her place at camp.  Our office in Greece gladly accepts phone calls from parents interested in leaving a message for their child or in learning of their child’s progress at camp.  We can arrange for Dean, our assistant Program Director, to call you with a “progress report” within 24-48 hours of your call. Please do not be alarmed if your phone call is answered by our answering machine – we are often traveling on excursions or away from the office to supervise activities. Please do not call the camp hoping to speak with your camper, as it is our policy not to pull campers out of the program for a call from home. Campers will not be able to accept a phone call except in the case of an emergency. Phone calls to campers often cause increased homesickness and disrupt the camp program and community.

Campers will have the opportunity to call home most days during the hour-long Free Time period. They can do this by purchasing a calling card from our Periptero. Please note that campers must choose to call home, we will not force them to call home. If you have a family emergency, please contact Fr. Evagoras directly at immediately. Every effort will be made to make contact as soon as possible.


Your child may bring a cell phone, however, once campers arrive at Ionian Village their phone will be collected by their counselor and will be returned to them when camp is over.  They will have the opportunity to use the camp payphone during daily free time if they choose.  Laptops, tablets (iPads, etc.), or any devices that are WiFi capable (iPod Touch, Kindle Fire etc.) are NOT allowed at Ionian Village, and will be held during the camping session in the camp safe. In addition, please note that campers will NOT have the opportunity to access personal email accounts or social networking sites (such as Facebook) while camp is in session.

About Ionian Village

With it's beautiful location in Greece, Ionian Village offers its participants a unique experience that is unavailable elsewhere. At the end of the program, staff and campers return to their homes with strengthened faith, and with a greater appreciation for the Church and for Greek culture and heritage. Learn More »

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