Ionian Village alumni are a beloved and integral part of the IV family. 40 years of a successful camp program has produced thousands of people who are connected forever in their love of Ionian Village. Stay connected and find out more here by checking out all our Alumni links on the side!

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Reunion Information

Every year, Ionian Village hosts an "IV Reunion" for the campers from the previous summer. Stay tuned for information about this summer's reunion, as well as other information about other Reunions happening across the country.

To coordinate and plan an Alumni Reunion near you, please contact the Office of Ionian Village.


Alumni Photo Gallery

View photos from years past in our Alumni photo gallery!


Update Your Information

Knowing that the campers and staff of yesterday remember their Ionian Village experience fondly as a time of discovery and growth, Ionian Village would like to spark those memories today, encouraging alumni to reach out to one another, to learn about current developments in the program, and to spread the word about Ionian Village to the teens and young adults in their lives. Ionian Village is now collecting current contact information for anyone and all who have participated in the program.

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