Videos from Ionian Village

Ionian Village: Are you Ready?

Ionian Village is not just another summer camp; it is like nothing you have ever experienced. Our campers and Staff come not only to understand their Orthodox Faith and Hellenic Culture in a more realistic and tangible way, but also to meet and interact with other young people just like them from all over the country.

Camp Life at Ionian Village

Ionian Village allows campers to experience life in a fully Orthodox environment as they travel to historic churches and religious sites across Greece. When not traveling, campers take part in activities on the campgrounds.

Kyria Sophia and the BEST Camp Food Ever!

Kyria Sophia works hard to provide the campers and staff not only with delicious homemade Greek food, but with the finest products and ingredients.

Spiritual Life at Ionian Village

A strong Spiritual Life is at the center of everything at Ionian Village. By starting and ending every day with services at our St. Iakovos Chapel, as well as our innovative and inclusive Orthodox Life program, Ionian Village puts its main emphasis on bringing its campers closer to Jesus Christ.

Travel Days at Ionian Village

During their stay at the Ionian Village, campers make excursions about every other day to religious and cultural sites of Greece.

St. Dionysios, the Patron Saint of Ionian Village

Saint Dionysios holds a special place within the Ionian Village family. His relics are housed at a monastery on the island of Zakynthos, which can be seen across the sea from the Ionian Village beach.