Upcoming Events

Office of Ionian Village Upcoming Events:

Ionian Village doesn't end once the summer is over! Stay up to date with Ionian Village happenings, and be sure to catch our representatives at various events throughout the 2013-2014 year.

Stay tuned for dates and great opportunities to see Ionian Village in action this year!

December 2013:

27-30: Winter Youth Rally, Atlanta,GA

28-31: OCF College Conference East Bolivar,PA

January 2014:

3-4: IV-On-The-Go Richmond,VA

17-19: Metropolis of Atlanta Hellenic Dance Festival, Orlanda, FL

17-19: Metropolis of Denver Basketball Tournament, Dallas,TX

17-19: New Jersey Metropolis Folk Dance Festival

24-26: IV-On-The-Go Birmingham,AL

February 2014:

13-16: Folk Dance Festival Los Angeles,CA

March 2014:

15-16: IV-On-The-Go Hempstead, NY


Alumni Events

Over the past 40+ years, thousands of Alumni have experienced Ionian Village.  To coordinate and plan an Ionian Village Alumni Reunion near you, please contact the Office of Ionian Village!