Medical Staff

Members of the Ionian Village Medical Staff are responsible for carrying out the mission of Ionian Village: To provide our campers with a life-transforming experience by bringing them closer to our Orthodox faith and Hellenic culture. Our staff is one of the most crucial elements of the success of the program.

The Medical Staff is responsible for supervising and maintaining the health and safety standards of the camp. The Medical Staff works with the Camp Director to ensure the health and safety of campers and staff. All potential Medical Staff Members should be aware of the Medical Staff Responsibilities before applying to be a part of the Ionian Village experience.

Ionian Village accepts all applications for Medical Staff, and we are especially looking for young, energetic doctors, nurse practioners, and nurses that are active in their faith, have recent youth work or camping experience (preferred but not required), and are excited about working in a fast-paced, rugged camp environment.

Ionian Village Medical Staff Responsibilities

  1. To oversee all aspects of health and safety of campers and staff at Ionian Village, while working within the framework of the established Ionian Village program and policies under the direction of the Camp Director.
  2. To secure, dispense, and oversee all medications (OTC and prescription) administered at camp.
  3. To provide all aspects of medical care and to provide supervision of any medical problem while maintaing accurate medical records of all interactions.
  4. To comply with all of the policies and procedures of the Ionian Village program, as outlined in the Staff Handbook.
  5. To be an active and present part of the Ionian Village program, and to contribute to the Christ-centered environment.

In addition to the above, here are some expectations for an Ionian Village Staff member we ask all Staff applicants to keep in mind a few things while applying. 

Applying as a Staff Member at Ionian Village means you…

- Are ready to devote yourself fully not only to the mission of Ionian Village, but also to our campers and our faith

- Are 21 or older (as of June 2015)

- Enjoy working with youth and encouraging them in our faith

- Are able to dedicate either the whole summer or an entire session, including travel days, to Ionian Village

- Are excited about traveling around Greece with teenagers, learning with them, and acting as a spiritual and physical guide

- Are a dependable individual, and exhibit good character

- Want to become a positive influence in the lives of our youth

- Take an active role in our faith

- Work well with others in a close environment, knowing when to be a leader and when to be a follower

- Are ready to give 150% of your energy at all times

- Are ready to take on the intense and demanding physical commitment that is expected of our Staff

- Can love those around you unconditionally

If these things sound like you, then you should apply to be a part of the Ionian Village Medical Staff!

          Applications for Ionian Village Staff 2015 are currently closed