Kastro Klemoutsi


Originally built by the Franks as a way of control, Kastro Klemoutsi was once the largest and strongest castle in all of the Peloponnese. The hill the castle was built on was named after the Greek word for turtle “chelonatas,” because of its’ resembling shape to a turtle. Controlled by many foreign powers throughout its’ time, Kastro was eventually taken over in the Greek Revolution in 1821 by the Greek people, and was used as a battleground against the Turks. After exploring the castle, we head into the town of Kastro, and visit the Church of Kimisis Tis Theotokou to venerate the relics of Saint Mamas. Saint Mamas was just a young boy when he was martyred and had a unique friendship with wild animals due to his devotion to a Christ-centered, ascetic lifestyle. Following a visit with Fr. Panayoti, the parish priest, we go for a relaxing morning break at a traditional Greek kafenio and sample some good Greek coffee with sweets.