During our two-day excursion on the second largest of the Ionian islands, we sample local foods, relax at the beach, and shop in the local stores and boutiques.  The downtown area, once referred to as “the door to Venice,” was heavily influenced by the Venetians during their occupation, which is still noticeable today in its’ architecture and design. Kerkyra first experienced Christianity from missionary Saints we visit, Saints Jason and Sosipatros, direct disciples of Saint Paul. Kerkyra is also home to the 3rd “walking Saint” that we visit, St. Spyridon. The church of Saint Spyridon is in the main town of the island, Corfu Town, and was specifically built to house the relics of the beloved Saint. Although most of his life was spent in Cyprus, St. Spyridon’s relics were taken to Constantinople because pirates were raiding the island. It was there that his relics were observed to not only be incorrupted but myrhh emanated from his body. After Constantinople’s fall, his relics were moved to Kerkyra. During many disastrous times the people of Kerkyra pray to him, and in many occasions he has appeared and healed many.