Costs and Deadlines

Camp Costs (2014)

Ionian Village offers two fun-filled sessions. Each session will have the same basic daily schedule and visit most of the same locations, so our campers may choose the session that best fits their summer plans and school schedule.

Both sessions are open for campers who have completed 8th through 12th grade.Those entering 8th grade in the fall of 2013, and those who will complete the 12th grade in the spring of 2014 are welcome to register for Ionian Village this year. 


Full Registration:  $4250.00 (Includes Airfare)

Camp Only Registration:  $3250.00 (Excludes Airfare)

Payment and Paperwork Deadlines: May 15, 2014                          


Important Forms (2014)

Once online registration is complete, the following forms will be emailed for review and completion: 

  • Deadlines and Fees
  • Camper Health History Form ( to be completed by a liscened Health Care provider)
  • Parent/Guardian Release Form
  • Pre-Departure Essentials / Packing List
  • Departure and Flight Information (This info will be emailed soon after registration)
  • 2014 Ionian Village Camper-Parent Handbook